Michell Media

Who We Are

Michell Media is an award-winning, small production company with an unmitigated belief in quality creative output. We pride ourselves on delivering high production-value content on whatever budget.

The scope of our work has ranged from the miniscule to the epic. We’ve faced off with lions, interviewed the world’s biggest actors, shot on water and been across it to America and Europe.

Drawing upon over 26 years experience delivering our Clients’ productions and all the facilities in-house, you can be assured your core message will be innovatively delivered.

What We Do

Why Us

We’re not greedy. Consultations are always free. We believe that low budgets are no excuse for shoddy work – we just think a bit smarter. So get in touch and let’s talk about your production.

We work with you. And that’s key. We want to make it as much as you, so working together to realise that within your means simply means no sushifests.

There’s not really much of a limit to what we do. We’ve done corporates, animation, live broadcasts, dramas, behind the scenes, conferences, interviews, small editing jobs, big editing jobs… We could go on. You get the gist: we’re pretty open.


Michell Media Limited

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